Data Analytics

Informing and Automating Business


  • Data Cleansing

    Incorrect or inconsistent data could lead to false conclusions and misdirect investments. Notis can help identify potential errors, harmonise, normalise or de-normalise, and fill incomplete records.

  • Dashboard Design

    Notis designs both Operational and Analytical dashboards to convey business critical information in a way that is easy to interpret and contextualise.

    Operational dashboards create a digital control room for time critical data which may require immediate action.

    Analytical dashboards drive decision making by showing trends and longitudinal data in a format that is relational and human digestible.

  • Data Automation

    Predictable or rule-based tasks can be automated to reduce processing time and increase accuracy. Some examples include:

    - Data extraction and transformation.
    - Accurate distribution of sensitive data to external parties.
    - Bots that watch for and validate data changes.
  • Business Insights

    Remove uncertainty through data driven insights. Find out what you don't know and ensure decisions are backed up by facts. We generate business insights to identify both quick wins, and long-term term changes to deliver maximum return on investment.

  • SAP HCM & SuccessFactors Projects

    Drawing on years of HR Systems experience, Notis can help make your project a success.

    - Organisation Structure: arguably the most critical part of SAP, touching every module.
    - Reporting & Analytics: setting up automated, scheduled data dumps and manipulation.
    - External Programs: Interfacing SAP with external data feeds and loads.